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PREPARED PRODUCTS:  Tenderloins and tenders

IBreaded: 30% or less of total product weight in batter & breading.

Fritter Style: More than 30% of total product weight in batter and breading.

Pre Brown/Par fried/ Blanched: breading set in oil for color, Flexible fryer or oven use.

Tenderloins: whole muscle product hand pulled from keel. A "true" tenderloin. Most tender part of breast.

Tenders: whole muscle tenderloin or whole muscle breast strip or formed product made from breast meat.

Strips: Breast meat that has been cut into strips. 

PREPARED PRODUCTS: Value Added Breast Fillets

Grilled/ Grill Marked/Char Marked: Product has look of authentic grill marks and grill cooked taste.

Portion Controlled Breast: PCB  a boneless breast of specific weight such as 4, 8, 12 oz. usually with a half ounce tolerance.

Split: one lobe. half of heart shaped boneless breast split down keel line. Also called a fillet.

Whole Muscle: chicken as nature made it. Not chopped/formed or diced.

Tempura Style: tender puffy breading to duplicate handmade tempura batter. Mild background flavor compatible with number of sauces and added ingredients.

PREPARED PRODUCTS: Party Wings and Drummettes

Drummette: drummy. first joint of wing.

Dusted: lightly breaded crumbs or flour applied directly without batter.

Jumbo: Product from a 6 lb.and up live weight bird. Piece count of approx. 6- 9 pc per pound.

Large: Product from 5- 6 lb. live weight bird. Piece count approx. 8- 12 pic per pound.

Mid Joint: Second joint also called flat or paddle.

Party Wings: Disjointed wing. First and second joint, no third joint or "tip".

Ready To Cook: RTC Raw ready to cook product

Select: Harvested from 4.5 lb or less live weight bird. Piece count approx. 12- 16 pc pound.

Whole Wing: First, second anjd third joint . disjointed or attached.

Wing Tip: third joint or flap.

PREPARED PRODUCTS: Child Nutrition CN  Full Cook Nuggets and Patties

Breast Patty or Breast Nugget: Boneless (bls), formed, battered and breaded all- white breast meat.

Chic-N-Fries: Breaded nuggets in the shape of french fries.

CN: Child nutrition

PreBrowned/ Par Fried/ Blanched:  see above descriptions. 

PREPARED PRODUCTS: Gourmet Stuffed Chicken Breast and Hors D'oeuvers

 Koch Gourmet Products are hand crafted, center of the plate entrees. Freezer to oven with minimal preparation. Packed and labeled for ready to cook applications. Sectioned and Hand formed Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Whole Muscle Stuffed Chicken Breasts.

Applause Mini Chicken Appetizers: Profiles include Buffalo/ Blue Cheese, Pepper Jack and Bacon, Three Cheese Jalapeno and Cordon Bleu.


BLS: boneless

Block Frozen: bagged and frozen in bulk

Catch Weight: variable weight by the case

Chef Trim: excess edge fat removed. less waste/ labor/prep time.

CVP: Controlled Vacuum Packaged

Giblets: heart, neck, gizzard, liver

Heavy Fowl: Parent stock of broiler chickens. high calcium diet produce healthy eggshells and bones. 

IF: individually frozen, not blocked together

IQF: Individually Quick Frozen, USDA inspection regulation standard


Marn: marinated , added moisture to improve/ enhance flavor. retain juices and extend hold times

PCB: portion control breast

Random: unspecified size and weight

SKLS: skin less

S/O: skin on

Tray Packed: packed individual ray cavities and ready to thaw.

Trimmed: leaf fat and tail removed

WOG: whole bird without giblets

WBF: whole butterfly breast

WRM: with rib meat

Pre-Browned Products perform best when cooked directly from the freezer. Do not re-freeze partially thawed product or softened product.

Product may not fry evenly..

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